“insightful and impactful”
Chris Singh – The Iris

“an inclusive and empathetic portrait”
Dave Crewe – ccpopculture

“powerfully polemic and jaw-gapingly spectacular”
Harry Windsor – Hollywood Reporter

“the most magestic-looking industrial dispute documentary every made” “awe-inspiring” “large, beautiful, captivating.”
Luke Buckmaster – The Guardian

“the human rights issues at Sherpa’s centre will inspire exasperation”
Sarah Ward – Screen Daily

“I’ve been waiting …for that piece of cinematic magic that just leaves you breathless and desperate to run out of the theatre so that you can share it with everyone you know”
Sacha Hall – The Hollywood News

“richly textured…packs an emotional punch” “fascinating”
Richard Kuipers – Variety

“a highlight [of New Zealand International Film Festival]” “just essential viewing”
David Larsen – Metro

“your understanding of colonialism will expand in ways that may, if you happen to be one of its beneficiaries, disturb you deeply”
David Larsen – Metro

“I love this documentary” “This documentary about the sherpas is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, and I genuinely mean that. It’s an exhilarating and moving experience.”
Alex Billington – Firstshowing.Net

“Toronto: Move Over, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Clare – ‘Sherpa’ Spotlights Real Heroes of Everest”
Steve Pond – The Wrap

“Sherpa successfully aims to balance the romantic challenge…of Everest and a people’s labour movement on par with Harlan County, USA.”
Kurt Halfyard – Twitchfilm

“unforgettable characters”
Sheri Linden – LA Times

“extraordinary and soulful documentary”
Sacha Hall – The Hollywood News

“We applaud this impressive film”
BFI London Grierson Documentary Award Jury – Variety

“tense, compelling and illuminating documentary – highly recommended”
Suzie Keen – In Daily