High Altitude Cinematographer + Director


Renan Ozturk is a globally recognized expedition climber, landscape artist and filmmaker.  After many filming visits to Nepal, SHERPA was Renan’s first Everest climbing/filming trip, and he’d been preparing for months for the ascent.  His fluent Nepali, together with his imaginative and poetic use of the cameras at altitude were a genuine asset to the SHERPA team, and have lent the film an intuitive and intimate beauty.

Renan is at the forefront of the adventure cinematography and visual storytelling world, renowned for pushing the art of filmmaking from extreme locations.  He’s been recognized by North Face (as one of their professional athletes), and named as a National Geographic “Adventurer of the Year” (2012). Through top mountain film festival awards and online viral recognition, Renan’s style has emerged as one of the leaders for the outdoor industry.  He’s a co-director of the ski movie INTO THE MIND, (2012), and was instrumental in the cinematography and direction of MERU (Sundance Audience Choice Award, 2015).

He co-founded the Camp 4 Collective to continue to push the boundaries of expedition storytelling.